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Salute to New Chapters

July 19th, 2010

“I could have seen this one coming!”  The comment I hear from everyone.

I’ve been living in that great state of confusion for far too long.

Time to make a move.

If you have kept up with DoingLifeBeingTiff,  you know I have been in pursuit of a “muse”.  Well I found it!

img_0589In the past few years my life has been a series of incisive incidents; bankruptcy, challenging relationships, giving up a real estate career, weight loss and gains, starting a new job (clocking in 8am-4:30pm for the first time in 20 years).  You

This year I had an epiphany.  I want to find a “muse”… that one niche that I was created to fill.  Along the way, I have met some great people and heard some great stories that have helped me in my pursuit of a “muse”.  I hope you enjoyed my series of interviews with my successful friends.  Freda Mooncotch, Michele Savoldi, Erin Lee and Kelly Gingery were so kind to share their insights.  I had so much fun with that project.

I follow some remarkable blogs too.  Everyday I read my Google Reader in awe of the amazing stories people are telling with their lives.  I think I’ve figured out their secret.  They have simply chosen to put themselves out there on a regular basis doing what they love.  Like Nike… Just Do It!

51gwxwz6pll_sl75_As I was reading my Google Reader one day, I came across Chris Brogans review of the book A Million Miles In A Thousand Years.  I was so intrigued that I ordered the book right away and quickly read it.  You might say that I devoured the book!  Donald Miller put into words what I have believed all my life.  While writing a screenplay about his memoir, Donald discovered that he was rather bored with his story.  He wondered if his life was telling the story he wanted to tell.  Exactly how I feel!  I loved Chris Brogan’s description, “It sounds simplistic, but there’s a lot to it.”

Key insights I gained from A Million Miles In A Thousand Years:

  • We don’t remember half of a half of our lives.  We don’t make an effort to jot it down.
  • In most great stories lines, the main character has an incisive incident.
  • We can change our story
  • Can’t be afraid of chaos or conflict
  • It is good to listen to the writer of our story
  • Start by putting something down on the page… “Your life is a blank page.  You write on it.”

I have known for a long time now that I am not living the story I want to tell.

I believe wholeheartedly that God has created us with purpose.  I have been unhappy and bored with my story for a long time.  I can’t say there was one incisive incident, but more like a series of unhappy circumstances along with some great opportunities.

Two things I know about myself… I was born to promote.  And I have an incurable entrepreneurial spirit.

I thrive in the creative process and sharing things I love.  Recently I decided to Just Do It…put myself out there doing what I love.  Some friends and I started Weekend Retweat,  a group of gals promoting retreats and resorts using our collective social media savvy.  Weekend Retweat combines my love of promoting with travel!  I also stepped out in the scary world of speaking.  Shane Haggerty and I held a seminar for our local chamber of commerce, Social Media in a Small Town.  That is one fear I can check off my list!

The reward for “putting myself out there” is that I now have a few clients that have hired me to do PR for them using various social media platforms.  I actually get paid to do something that makes me come alive and doesn’t feel like work.

The conflict in my story.

Last November I was offered a job at The Hall Company by Wes Brown, a friend and former co-worker in real estate.  I jumped at the opportunity to work with Wes.  He was an incredible manager of our real estate office and a born salesman.   I was so thankful to have a job in an economy with so many on unemployment.  The Hall Company is an excellent company!  This was the first time that I clocked into a desk job in twenty years.  Needless to say, it was a struggle for me.  I love the company and all the people I work with, but couldn’t get accustomed to clocking in and conforming to a corporate environment.

As I continue to take on more projects that I love, it became apparent that I could not physically do both.  My entrepreneur spirit fought with the notion of being in a safe secure job on a daily basis.  Chaos is trying to do too much.  I had to make a choice.   What kind of story did I want to tell?

I am not one to quit or let people down.  So after weeks of stewing over it I made the decision.  It took me two days to finally approach the subject with Wes.  I had to remind myself that this fear was preventing me from telling my story.  So, I finally gathered my courage and approached him with my decision to resign my position at the Hall Company and follow my heart.  He was great!  I know he wasn’t happy about it, but was totally supportive.  I am so thankful for my time at the Hall Company.  I learned a lot about manufacturing and working with people.

Did I mention that I have a totally supportive husband?   Jeff supports my pursuit and is encouraging me.  That helps a lot.

I immediately e-mailed my closest friends to tell them my crazy news.  Come to find out, many of my friends feel the same way I do.  One friend commented, “Can’t tell you all the days I’ve awaken and wished I was doing exactly what you are doing.  Going for your dreams and following your passion.  I guess as far as having to work for the man, I can’t complain since technology is my passion to a degree, but to have the freedom to set my own destiny and plan each day on my own terms would be the ultimate dream.  So I am sooooo envious of you for taking this leap of faith and I know you will make this happen.  So awesome.”  Well, that made my heart happy!

A part of me feels that I could use this experience to help propel others to leap into the story they want to tell.  I would love to inspire people to live authentically and with purpose!

Serendipity is my friend.

You are not going to believe this.

The day after I summoned the courage to quit my job I read an exciting announcement on Donald Miller’s blog.

Donald Miller’s Blog is one blog that I read daily.  He continues to inspire me to live a good story!  I knew from keeping up with his blog that he was organizing a Living A Better Story Seminar.  I didn’t think I’d be able to go.  At the time he announced the seminar I didn’t think I could take off work.

As I was sitting at my desk catching up on all the articles in my Google Reader, I read Donald Miller’s headline.  Win a Trip for Two to Portland for the Living a Better Story Seminar. My heart skipped a beat and I wanted to jump out of my seat.  I could hardly contain my excitement.  Winning this contest would combine all my passions… travel, promoting, learning more about telling a better story and learning to inspire people to pursue a better story.

Pick me!  Pick me!  I’m a natural fit…don’t you think?

I truly believe that this seminar will help me refine my story with more clarity.  And in the theater of my mind, I imagine it to be the perfect ending to the past few years and beginning to a new chapter in life.

If I don’t win, does anyone want to sponsor me?  I am currently unemployed now.  :)

Living a Better Story Seminar from All Things Converge Podcast on Vimeo.

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