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Traveling abroad…is there a “quick fix” for my wanderlust?

April 23rd, 2009

The options for travel seem to be endless and dreams don’t seem so far off!



For years I have been dreaming about traveling abroad.  After coming out of an extremely difficult season of my life, it is now time to pursue that dream.  I even sold my car and embraced minimalism in an effort to save money for trips.  Not exactly sure where I want to go or what I want to do while I am there, I went on search for a plan. 


I love Twitter!  Twitter has opened the world of real travel to me and has introduced me to numerous bloggers on the subject of travel.  There are blogs that alert me about the deals in the tourism industry.  Although I appreciate the information I have gained, those who are living “outside the box” intrigue me.  I have discovered that there are actually people who have decided to live nomadically, taking their businesses on the road and selling it all to travel full time.  One of my favorite bloggers on this subject is the Soultravelers3.  This family sold it all, moved to Europe and purchased a motor home to live nomadically for the past five years.  I also enjoy Vagabonish and Rolf Potts Vagabonding.  These bloggers have opened my eyes to the possibility of traveling frugally.  I am learning about Hostels and joined Couch Surfing, an organization that links fellow travelers all over the world that open up there homes and offer a couch to crash on.  I have a friend who traveled throughout Germany using Couch Surfing.  How fun is that?  I now understand that travel does not have to be expensive.


Still, in the vastness of our world…. where do I start?  My husband and I are about two years away from having the freedom for extended travel.  True to my nature, I want to take off now!  So, I keep watching twitter for inspiration. 


I received a Direct Message from @Real_Gap.  They happened to respond to a comment I made about checking out Argentina.  I love Twitter!  Real Gap for Grown Ups opened up another intriguing option.  What about volunteering, learning a skill or even work while living abroad?  I have taken short-term mission trips in the past.  Taking extended time off for “holiday” or taking a career gap seems so foreign to most Americans.  This organization offers opportunity for people to take a career gap, for as little as two weeks and up to a whole year.  I spent the day reading about all their trip options and am excited about possibly going to Costa Rica to learn Spanish, cooking and Latin Dancing.  I could go for two or four weeks and be immersed in their culture.  This could be a “quick fix” for my wanderlust.


Do you have wanderlust?  Do you think travel abroad is impossibly expensive?  Is time an obstacle for you?  I would love to open a discussion with fellow travelers…. we can all learn from each other!  The options for travel seem to be endless and dreams don’t seem so far off!

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