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Not The BIGGEST Loser ~ yet!

January 12th, 2011

m_0a3d2b50852a267bf339db0a56493ca41-150x127It’s true.  Most of the time I feel like the biggest looser.  Now… I just wish I could be The Biggest Loser.

Last September I started to work with Shannon McGill of Shan’s Fitness with the goal of getting fit and losing weight.  I had great plans of making lifestyle changes and fitting into a little red dress I affectionately call the “little number”.  I wish I could say that I’m at my ideal weight and wearing that cute little dress again.  I do feel stronger than I felt four months ago and am more conscious of my eating habits.  However, I wasn’t faithful at giving up extra calories or staying on an exercise routine.  I have lots of excuses that makes me feel like a loser.

I now have a dream trip to Italy that has renewed my motivation.  That “little number” would be so fun to wear while roaming the streets of Rome.   The past few weeks I have been giving up the defeating items in my diet and working out, even when I don’t feel like it.

Feeling like a big loser

Working out has always been my biggest challenge.  I am not a fan of it.  I LOVE the endorphins that are released afterwards, but a new phobia is kicking my butt.

Shannon had me running on the tread mill when it happened the first time.  Running with an elevated heart rate, I felt as if I couldn’t catch my breath.  I never experienced that feeling before.  I was frightened, embarrassed and felt like an out of shape looser.  Shannon gave me her kind smile and encouraged me that I wasn’t going to die.

I explained this experience to my husband Jeff who replied, “Tiffany, you won’t die.  You will just pass out and then your body will resume breathing.”

Not comforting to a woman prone to accidents.  I had images of myself passing out on the tread mill only to break a bone or bash my head on something.  Thanks Jeff!

Today, I made an effort to push through this bizarre fear during my personal training session with Shannon and even laughed about it.  I am very thankful that Shannon doesn’t cut me any slack and pushes me past the limitations I place on myself.   I am always energized by the release of endorphins and have a sense of accomplishment.

Pushing through fear to BE the Biggest Loser.

Anything worth accomplishing usually requires pushing through an element of fear or overcoming a fatuous obstacle.  It’s a part of Doing Life.  I know this!!!  Having these fears and obstacles doesn’t make me a loser, but overcoming them is a requirement for me to become The Biggest Loser…. of weight that is.

I am recommitted to being the biggest loser (of weight), wearing my fun “little number” and living a life that takes my breath away!

How do you push past the fears and obstacles that prevent you from Being what you want to BE?

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