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Weekend ReTweat Spring Fitness Retreat

January 13th, 2011

As of today:  50 Days and counting!

phprgbfmmam1Michele Savoldi of Columbus ImPRessions, Shannon McGill of Shan’s Fitness and I have been working hard organizing the first ever retreat with the ReTweaters and are excited to release the  itinerary for the upcoming Weekend ReTweat Spring Fitness Retreat.  The itinerary is packed with invigorating and rejuvenating fitness activities led by Shannon, while leaving room for indulging in a spa treatment (extra cost) or just hanging out with your friends.

I’m excited to be apart of the Weekend ReTweat team planning this spring adventure.  Organizing trips marries my love of travel and my love for event planning.  Working with Michele and Shannon, along with the staff at the Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls has been delightful!

And… as you may know, I could always use a little push when it comes to fitness.

Hope you are able to join us!  I am confident you will fall in love with the Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls and will return to the routine of life renewed.

For complete details and to register visit:

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I Don’t Believe In News Resolutions

December 31st, 2010


2010 was a year to remember…. I really enjoyed finding my voice here at DoingLifeBeingTiff.  I regret that I neglected it for the past few months.  I’ve been busy working on Tiffany Eckhardt, Social Media PR Specialist. I took on my first seminar, Social Media Campaign Building and worked to develop social media platforms for several clients. I’ve learned a lot in 2010 as I stepped out into new ventures, but am ready to take on new challenges and welcome in a new year.

I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions… I don’t lay out the year in rigid goals and plans.  Who can predict what turns the journey will take along the way?   I believe in pressing into passions and dreams to discover where the journey leads.

2011 I Welcome You!

Every year I seem to be preoccupied by my weight issues and fitness goals.  It’s no wonder that loosing weight is the number one New Years Resolution for most people.  Oh…I am passionate about that illusive size 8.  I am amused by my tendency to take on this passion so publicly.   Last year I jumped into a fitness regime twice.  Each time I set out to blog and vlogg my progress. Both times I only blogged the first workout.  SO FUNNY! I am still working with Shan’s Fitness in exchange for helping her market her business.  My lack of progress is not her fault. Truth is life always gets in the way.  I am convinced that a lasting change has to be a lifestyle change. I was not willing to give up a few items in my diet and in the process lost my drive to work out a couple times.   However, I have not given up and thankfully Shannon hasn’t either.  This year I’ll realize my ideal weight.   I have to look good when I realize a travel dream this coming March.

I’m dreaming of travel ALWAYS.

March 2011 Jeff and I will be traveling to Italy, one of my lifetime dream destinations.  In preparation for this trip I have lost myself in travel guides, Italian lessons and researching couch surfers to stay with.  I want this trip to be a combination of planned tours and serendipitous wandering of the Tuscany countryside.  We plan on staying in hotels, a monastery and with couch surfing hosts.  I will be blogging, creating videos and sharing what I discover about Italian culture.  I am so excited!

I dream of traveling full time and hope to figure out how to do that financially.  This year I plan on working harder on Weekend Retweat.  I hope to discover more B&Bs and destinations for the ReTweaters to create a buzz about.  Jeff and I will travel to our yearly favorites.  Can you guess?  Yep, you know it…New Orleans and Memphis.  I hope to visit family in Florida and South Carolina.  The rest of my travel ambitions I surrender to whatever may happen along the journey.  Trust me… I am open to the possibilities!

The Business of Developing

This year I will continue to press into educating businesses on how to effectively use social media to promote their businesses.  I have discovered that I thoroughly enjoy organizing seminars.  I hope to jump into 2011 with a Facebook 101 class for area businesses.  I am excited about the prospects, but need to develop some skills.  In 2011 I hope to take on public speaking.  EEKS… I said it.  I will take some classes and hone the skill.  (another motivation to realize my weight and fitness dreams)

I don’t believe in New Year Resolutions

I believe in pressing into what it takes to achieve your dreams.  I believe in letting the world know what you want and putting yourself on the right path.  This is a journey!  I am excited about what 2011 will bring and love that it isn’t totally predictable.

Happy New Year!

What are your dreams and passions?  What will you be pressing into in 2011?  Share it with me in the comments section… we can all inspire and encourage each other’s journeys in 2011!

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Discovering opportunities

October 21st, 2010

The problem that angers you the most is a key to the problem you were created to solve.

~Mike Murdock

imagesI have been on a roller coaster ride lately, encountering people who spark enthusiasm and a situation that honestly got me hopping mad.

I am having a complete blast working with clients like Shannon McGill of Shan’s Fitness.  She is rocking Social Media PR and continually shows her appreciation.  I also had the opportunity to promote an upcoming event, the Historic Downtown Urbana Open House. I really feel like I was created to promote and am a genius at making money for other people.

Recently, I had the privilege of meeting Nicolette Pizzitola at the Meet, Plan, Go seminar in Washington DC.  Nicolette lights up a room with her enthusiasm for life and stole the show in DC!  I was totally inspired by her stories of living in Italy and feel blessed that she crossed my path.  Last week I had a Skype chat with her and was encouraged in regards to Weekend Retweat. Today Nicolette posted a quote on her Facebook page that stopped me in my tracks.

As a rule, adversity reveals genius and prosperity hides it. ~Horace

I love my appreciative clients and inspiring friends that gently and enthusiastically encourage me to pursue my dreams.  I need all the encouragement I can get!

However, I am learning that the difficult people and circumstances present unique opportunities that may not come naturally to me.

Without going into details, I worked myself into a good mad about a situation the past few weeks.  Do you know what it is like to be worked into a good mad?  I replayed the situation in my head a hundred times and wanted to tell the whole world how stupid I thought the situation was.  I don’t think words can express how worked up I was.

It wasn’t until I had enough of the bad emotions and calmed myself down that I had an epiphany.  An unexpected idea popped in my head that has potential to be a clue to what I am created to solve.  Out of the adversity a truly exciting project has presented itself to me that could be an ideal career path.

The next time a good mad creeps up on me I hope to have the clarity of mind to remember that adversity and anger are indicators of potential opportunity and genius.

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September 21st, 2010

Day One:  Shan’s Fitness Combo Class

This morning I woke up at “0:dark30″ to get started with my new fitness class.

It was a short drive in the dark to West Liberty where my class is held.  The whole way there I was distracted by the beauty of a full moon and the annoyance of wandering thoughts of what was in store for me in class.  It has been a long time since I’ve taken a class and am definitely out of shape.  Would I be in a class with super heros of fitness?  Am I really that out of shape?  However, I am committed and arrived just in time to jump right in.

It didn’t take me long to get in the groove.  I thought to my self, “I can do this!”   Not long after that initial thought, I began to sweat and fight random thoughts about the hour, the drive, aching muscles, etc.  I hate to sweat.  My southern friends would call it glistening.  This wasn’t glistening.  However, I am committed to push through.

With the annoying beads of sweat dripping off my forehead, I was determined to shift my mind to thinking thoughts about the goals I hope to accomplish.  That’s Not My Name by the TingTings was the very next song.  Perfect!  I started to sing to myself… “That’s Not My Name!”  and somehow was energized.

What keeps me from exercise?  You could say that is is a combination of  laziness, fear of discomfort, lack of time, depression… excuses, excuses, excuses.  In just a few short seconds my song became, “They call me chubby, a little lazy, not very motivated…. That’s not my name!  THAT’S NOT MY NAME! That’s not my name, ame, ame!”

It’s funny how thoughts fly through your head!

For the rest of the work out I continued singing the song in my head.  I am committed to this new fitness regime and energized by the thoughts of reaching my fitness goals and being proud to be Tiff… That’s my name.

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